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Sean Monahan(Ottawa 67's) Interview

Sean Monahan is a center for the Ottawa 67's and is regarded by many as a potenital top 3 pick in the 2013 NHL Draft. He took the the time to answer some questions for us after the Ottawa 67's-Niagara Icedogs game on March.9th, 2012.(5-1 loss for the 67's).

PuckCentral: Obviously it was a tough loss tonight, but what kind of positives can you take from it?
Sean Monahan: We know what to expect from them the next time we play them which is the following weekend, so it's something we know to expect.

PuckCentral: In my opinion you were the best player in the third, how would you say you played this game?
Sean: I think it was a tough battle there ,not all the bounces went our way but I think we all battled through, so not a bad game overall.

PuckCentral: There was a bit of a big fight there in the third, what are your thoughts on people trying to take fighting out of junior hockey?
Sean: I don't think it's a good thing, hockey is a game of emotions, which fighting sometimes involves, so I don't agree with taking that out of the game.

PuckCentral: With guys liek Toffoli, this is their last season, is there any added pressure to perform well in the playoffs for them?
Sean: Well there's always a lot of pressure in the playoffs for sure, but with guys like that there's a little bit more pressure because they want to succeed so it's kind of helping them with their future.

PuckCentral: How has a players like Toffolli and Prince helped you?
Sean: Well they're great players and they've played in the league for a few years so they taught me the ways and you kind of learn by watching them in practice and how they react in games.

PuckCentral: At this point do you feel any added pressure for the draft?
Sean: It's pretty early so im not looking too far ahead at that right now.

PuckCentral: Craig Button actually asked me to ask you this(Through Twitter), What's it like having to wait another year for the draft?
Sean: Well obviously I'm pretty anxious for the draft but patience is key so I'm just going to go from there.

PuckCentral: Having a higher profile guy on the team like Ceci, he's obviously expected to go high in the draft, is that helping you prepare yourself at all?
Sean: Yeah, just watching what he's going through and how he has to react to all the media and that kind of stuff, so I know what to expect going into next year.

PuckCentral: A lot of top OHL guys have gone high in the draft, like Tavares,Hall, or Seguin, I dont know if you've played against a few those guys, but who's the most skilled guy you've played against in this league so far?
Sean: Most skilled, I'd probably have to say Joey Hishon on Owen Sound last year, he's really offensive and creative and you just never know what to expect when he has the puck.

PuckCentral: What aspect of your game do you take the most pride in?
Sean: I think D-Zone coverage, just coming from the D-Zone out, it makes you a much better hockey player.

PuckCentral: A little bit about you for the people reading, what was your favorite team growing up?
Sean: The Leafs.

PuckCentral: Who was your favorite player?
Sean: Steve Yzerman.

PuckCentral: We ask everyone this question, Who do you try to model your game after the most?
Sean: Jonathan Toews and Joe Thornton.

After those questions I asked Sean if he'd take part in a "Puck Central Quiz", which consists of random questions about hockey,personal preferences, and I even called in a little favor.

 Here's the quiz:

1)Question: Who would you rather fight, Dougie Hamilton or Jamie Oleskiak?
Answer: Probably Dougie Hamilton.

2)Question: PS3 or Xbox?
Answer: Xbox.

3)Question: Is Strome really that annoying on the ice(Because he looks kind of annoying)?
Answer: He can get annoying but it's just part of the game.

4)Question: Will you play on my ball hockey team in June? (This would be my favor)
Answer: Sure.

5)Question: Crosby or Ovechkin?
Answer: Crosby.

PuckCentral: What do you think about Crosby coming back?
Sean: Its pretty exciting to see the best player in the league back.

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