Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hey everyone, this is a blog site dedicated to the wonderful world of hockey. We'll be covering a wide variety of things in the sport, but we'll mostly be focusing on the NHL and Prospects, both drafted and undrafted.

This site consists of two writers, Bradley, and Trevor. Our opinions often differ so I'm sure you'll find us going against one another from time to time so hopefully you'll find some form of entertainment from it but we're sorry if this bothers, or annoys you for some reason. We likely won't reveil who writes each article as each article will be written by ''Puck Insiders'', but you'll likely be able to tell the difference between our writting.

If there's a certain prospect or player you'd like us to cover you can drop us a line at Puck.Central@gmail.com or you can reach us on our twitter page @puck_central.

So please enjoy our site, and spread the word!

Twitter: @PuckCentralHQ
Email: Puck.Central@gmail.com

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