Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Q&A With Alex Galchenyuk!

PuckCentralHQ: Hey thanks so much for this! and sorry about the changing accounts thing, the other one got susended I guess. haha
Alex Galchenyuk: No p

P.I.: So I guess ill start by asking about how your feeling since the surgery? Is everything coming along as planned?
AG: I feel good

PI: Great to hear. Do you think you'll be ready for the playoffs? I know you're not in a position to give out a lot of info, but do you think you're close to a return?
AG: I'm going day by day no date. Maybe couple games b4 playoffs or playoffs

PI: You must be anxious to return then? Do you think your injury will hurt your draft stock at all or do you think you can still be a high pick?
AG: Yea I can't wait. I think I can go out and play the way I can it won't hurt  at all

PI: Despite the injury you're still ranked in the top 10 in many scouts eyes, this must be exciting for you, do you think about the draft a lot?
AG: Yeah I think it's bc if u look in the NHL acl injury didn't hurt the players like malkin,datsyuk,hossa,franzen,kronwall and more.... No I don't really think about the draft I really think how to get back and better than I was. and it's only march so

PI: That's true, seems like you've done your home work on acl injuries. Have you had pro players reach out to you with words of encouragement?
AG: Cammalieri tweeted that, don't worry about the draft and everything

PI: That must have been nice. I know it's getting late so i'll try and sum this up aha. I know this is about you but I have to ask. What's it like playing with Nail Yakupov, he's obviously an elite talent, do you think you guys make each other better as players?
AG: Well some people think ohh it must be so nice to play w Nail haha but its not easy lol bc he likes to play with the puck, I like to play with the puck but I think we fio and had some chemistry and hopefully I comeback and we will have that chemy that we had last year or better

PI: I think if the chemistry got even better Sarnia would be unstoppable lol just two more questions if you don't mind! Who do you try to model your game after? or do you just try and be ''Alex Galchenyuk"?
AG: Just Alex Galchenyuk no copying anyone

PI: I thought that might be your answer haha So last one here. You were born in America but you're obviously very much Russian, so which country will you be representing in the future? and briefly, why?
AG: USA I think bc I was born in the states and I mean I just like it more

PI: Well I definitely look forward to seeing you on the international stage someday, although i'll be cheering for Canada lol Anyway thank you so much for taking the time to do this! It means a lot and I can tell where ever you get drafted you'll be a fan favorite!
AG: No problem. Thanks for having me.

PI: Anytime, and best of luck with the rest of the recovery and  the playoffs!
AG: Thanks

This Q&A was conducted via Twitter DirectMessage.

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